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What is Blue Ninja Consulting?
Blue Ninja Consulting is a small, limited company providing administrative support to organisations requiring specialised project support.

Who is the Director?
Louisa Stewart is Director of Blue Ninja Consulting and comes with more than 13 years of experience in not-for-profit sector administrative support, grants processing, information management and conference planning. With a degree in Information Management, Louisa delivers excellent service to her clients.

What are Blue Ninja Consulting’s values?
Blue Ninja Consulting’s values are loyalty, integrity, adaptability and quality.



Where did the name come from?
Blue Ninja is a combination of two inspirations: Blue is the Director’s favourite colour; and the idea that administrators are like Ninjas in their practical approach:
“Great administrators are like ninjas – they work in the shadows, assessing and planning. Then quickly, quietly and efficiently they get the job done.”

Extract of a personal letter from former New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to Louisa Stewart on her work for the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use:

“Your experience developing the essential database for tracking and monitoring all grants has contributed significantly to the success of the program. Your excellent organizational and communication skills are highly valued by our Bloomberg team and by all the partners working with you.”
Michael R. Bloomberg
Support the ethics and values of clients as well as respect people, ideas and opinions.
Be trusted and reputable with knowledge and information, and be committed to the belief of doing what is right.
Be flexible to the needs of the work, and never stop searching for the best possible approach; provide ideas, options and solutions to difficult problems and questions.
Never give less than the best possible service and be as efficient and effective as possible; always deliver the highest quality of service, every time.
Phone: +44 (0) 7913 628 356